“Shannon Kopp is a refreshingly honest and passionate speaker. She delivers a beautiful message of hope and recovery!” – Jenni Schaefer

Speaking Topics

Healing Our Relationship with The Present Moment

Bulimia. What appeared on the outside to be a destructive weight loss method was actually a persistent attempt to escape my internal reality, the thoughts and emotions that seemed too big to handle. A major part of my recovery involved healing my relationship with the present moment. This talk is intended to invite us all into the here and now, the only place where true healing can take place.

An Urgent Message of Self-Love

Recent studies show that eight out of ten women dislike their appearance, and over fifty percent of teen girls use unhealthy weight loss methods. With eating disorders on the rise in America and many other countries, I aim to  carry a compelling and urgent message of self-love. I encourages women everywhere—from high schools to universities to organizations and associations—to look inward for their beauty, purpose and power. This talk is intended to open our hearts and inspire vulnerability as the path of bravery.



Recovery: An Inward Journey

Webster’s Dictionary defines recovery as “the action or process of regaining possession of something stolen or lost.” What had I lost during the eight years I suffered from bulimia? Shannon. The person I was before the illness dominated my life. Today, I see recovery as less of a forward movement, and more of an inner-one. A movement back toward our authentic selves, and what makes us feel alive.

The Healing Power of Animals

Shortly after being discharged from an eating disorder treatment center, I began working at a local humane society. Ten years later, homeless animals are still teaching me what resilience, love, and living in the moment is all about.

Animals do not wear masks or play roles. Brave. Perfect. Put-together. Happy—there are no labels that they are trying to live up to. And in that kind of an authentic, non-judgmental presence, we can discover a vital sense of emotional security. We can find the courage to face love and fear head-on, and in turn, experience deep healing within!

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