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Mental Health

This One Breath Is Enough

Three times a day (9, 12, 3), three emoji’s pop up on my phone: a heart, a prayer symbol, and a sunflower. It means it is time for me to take a deep breath and reconnect with the moment. When I set up this alarm, two years ago now, I was at my friend, Joy’s […]

Eating Disorders

How I Learned to Move Through Life’s Pain to Make Room for Joy

When I first started working at the San Diego Humane Society, I was twenty-four and fresh out of eating disorder treatment. By some miracle of the universe, my job was essentially to love on the most adorable shelter dogs—one of which was Stewie, a miniature poodle mix. Our Humane Investigations Officers rescued Stewie after his owner […]

Eating Disorders

Worth It

I’m cheap. So it hurt my heart a little bit to spend $3.25 on a single cookie. But I had to do it. You see, this very cookie. This very snowman with blue winter accessories, chocolate buttons and a carrot nose, caused me a lot of turmoil about ten years ago. I had gone to […]



Hey, SoulPaws Pack!   Meet Augustina. I first met this gorgeous girl at the San Diego Humane Society back in July! I was certain then that she was just too beautiful (inside and out) to remain without a home for much longer…and yet, now it’s March. Somehow, Augustina is still patiently waiting for that special family to love. Like many of […]


In My Soul, No Room for Supermom

Dear Noah, Today I went on a wild and crazy adventure to Starbucks down the street. On the drive there, I blasted the Chainsmokers’ new song and I rolled the windows down and I savored the opportunity to be in the car and not at my command post (a.k.a the rocking chair) for a bit. This was […]


This Messy, Exhausting, Ever-Beautiful Life

It’s three a.m. and I’m at my command post: the rocking chair. I’ve got all my supplies here: the Boppy pillow, the burp cloths and blankets, the dog who has claimed the armrest as her new bed, the water bottle, and the banana I’ve been trying to eat for an hour. I don’t think I’ve ever longed […]

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