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Meet Augustina.


I first met this gorgeous girl at the San Diego Humane Society back in July! I was certain then that she was just too beautiful (inside and out) to remain without a home for much longer…and yet, now it’s March. Somehow, Augustina is still patiently waiting for that special family to love.

Like many of us, Augustina is a survivor. She’s beat cancer, and that resilience is now carrying her through as a shelter dog. One would think that after so many months of being overlooked, Augustina might give up. But that’s just not how this girl rolls. She’s faced a lot of adversity in life, and so long as love is within reach, she overcomes! (Thank you to the loving San Diego Humane Society staff and volunteers who keep Augustina’s spirits up!)

In this SoulPaws community, we are more than animal lovers. We are writers, artists, advocates, musicians, and so much more. Perhaps more than anything, we’re overcomers. Like Augustina, we’ve faced adversity in various forms, and we know what it’s like to have the odds stacked up against us. So let’s help a fellow survivor out. Can you use your gift to help Augustina find a home? (For example, I wrote this little poem about her, and posted it on Instagram.) Maybe there is a unique way you could help spread the word about Augustina, too?

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And let’s not underestimate the ginormous power of social media! One share, just one share, can save a life. I’ve seen it happen countless times. So please, join in the Augustina lovefest this weekend! Let’s LOVE HER HOME!


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About Augustina:

ID: #207549
American Pit Bull Terrier/Mix
Female  |  7Yrs 10Mths 1Wks   |  60.8lbs


San Diego Campus – Gaines Street
5500 Gaines St. San Diego, California 92110
(619) 299-7012


On behalf of this amazing pup, thanks all for sharing the love!

Love & Light,


Author of Pound for Pound. National Recovery Advocate for Eating Recovery Center. Rescued By Shelter Dogs!