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Pound for Pound

A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back to Life

Shannon’s poignant memoir is a story of hope, resilience, and the spiritual healing animals bring to our lives. Pound for Pound vividly reminds us that animals are more than just friends and companions — they can teach us how to savor the present moment and reclaim our joy. Rich with emotion and inspiration it is essential reading for animal lovers and anyone who has struggled to change.

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People! There is a whole universe of poetry happening on Instagram! I didn’t know this, and I’ve always been a little insecure about writing and sharing poetry. But you know what? Who cares! I’ve never believed that you choose your dreams. They choose you. And my latest dream is to be an InstaPoet (I think that’s what they’re called […]


Making My Way to the Well

Since writing a blog about how my doctor told me, rather harshly, that I’d gained too much weight in my pregnancy, I’ve gotten a lot of emails. Some people are pissed (Does she KNOW your history?!) Others are sharing their own personal stories about weight discussions gone wrong. And I’ve been hunched over my computer, feeling validated […]

Ask Shannon

Sisters Falling Apart

Dear Shannon, Trump is President Elect and I’m scared. It’s been two months since I last binged and purged, the longest I’ve gone in a whole year. But since last week, I’ve been tempted to throw up multiple times. I have this awful feeling that I’m going to give up this week. And I hate […]

Pet Therapy

Life Spirit

  I was speaking with a group of people today about guinea pig’s “life spirit.” It was a term that I had never used and frankly, don’t remember ever hearing before the moment it was coming out of my own mouth. I’ve used the often repeated words of “resilient” and “strong” to describe my guinea […]

Ask Shannon

Tiptoe In Faith

Hi Shannon, I wanted to thank you– for sharing your story in Pound for Pound and the authenticity with which you continue to write (on your SoulPaws blog and Instagram) and offer hope in the world for those of us who hide in loneliness, fear, and unbearable shame. I have less than seven months until […]

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