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Pound for Pound

A Story of One Woman’s Recovery and the Shelter Dogs Who Loved Her Back to Life

Shannon’s poignant memoir is a story of hope, resilience, and the spiritual healing animals bring to our lives. Pound for Pound vividly reminds us that animals are more than just friends and companions — they can teach us how to savor the present moment and reclaim our joy. Rich with emotion and inspiration it is essential reading for animal lovers and anyone who has struggled to change.


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Mental Health

Soft. And Fiercely Brave.

I have a dear friend who gave me a gift on her own wedding day, seven years ago. Having gotten married not too long ago, I acutely remember the amount of things that were on my mind when I got married. My to-do list was not stored in my brain in some calm, orderly way: flowersthequotesthebridesmaidsthecaketheceremonytheflipflopsinadditiontomyheelsthehairspraytheweatherthedjmusicthenailstheschedule. All I hoped […]


I Admit I’m Scared, Too

My sister recently posted this picture on Facebook, along with these words: “Trying to remember who you were can be such a challenge, especially when you really just want to forget the past. Whenever I’m in the water it does not matter who I am what I need or want in life. I’m one with the […]



Last night around ten p.m., I got into my car and stared at the full moon. I knew I should be getting home, as I had an hour drive ahead of me, but part of me didn’t want to leave the church parking lot. I didn’t want to leave the Celebration of Joy’s Life. I […]


On Breathing Bigger and Being Real

During the eight years I struggled with bulimia, I sort of hated people who acted like the person I’ve now become. You know, the ones who are all like: You can do this! Recovery is possible! Don’t give up! I recovered from an eating disorder, and you can, too! Screw those people, I used to think. They […]

Pound for Pound Excerpt

My Gorgeous Mess

In the town of Forest Grove, Oregon, the great oaks and birches scattered around Pacific University were the tallest trees I’d ever seen, some seventy feet high. Early in the mornings before writing classes and workshops started, I found myself looking up at them far more often than at the campus grounds, which with their […]


The Comeback on Capitol Hill

Inside the Capitol today, I vividly remembered one of the most terrifying moments of my life, when less than forty-eight hours after arriving at Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders, my insurance dropped coverage I had just turned 23. I was young and desperate for help. I hadn’t even considered that this could happen, that the insurance […]